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Orchestra, fashion designer

Orchestra is first and foremost a happy brand, through the vivid colours of its products, the good humor it inspires, the enjoyable shopping experience it provides and the energy it radiates.

Orchestra also stands for generosity: 25 French designers develop over 6000 references every year with its highly worth of value. the added value of products imagined down to the last detail; products for everyone; places for all the family. Products made with love, thought up by designers who put their heart and soul into them as well as their experience as mothers.

Orchestra is the brand for liberated children, children who are "real" - those merry little "troublemakers" who bring such enchantment into our lives.

Orchestra represents exchange, interactivity, sharing, awakened senses, humor and sincerity. A skilful mix of fashion, basic items... and party novelties


The Orchestra collections: a real digest of fashion, colour and quality

Orchestra creates and designs collections of children's clothes, shoes and accessories, from newborns to 14-year olds.

The 3200 references created each season mean that Orchestra can offer a constantly renewed range in its stores. New products make an appearance every week! + 100 news models every weeks in the shop.

The Orchestra designers make an effort, every season, to put forward products that are trendy, practical and vibrantly coloured.

The collection's themes propose the essentials of a creative, generous and colourful fashion through the choice of forms, materials, fabrics and graphics. As the season goes on, "updates" are added to these themes, closely reflecting the very latest trends in fashion. As well as themes, Orchestra develops a range of basic items in the forms and colours of the season.

Colour is the key word of these collections. Like the children who wear them, Orchestra clothes are cheerful, with bright, fresh, appealing colours, so that dressing becomes a real pleasure for tiny tots and older kids alike.

The quality and robustness of the clothes, shoes and accessories are two of the fundamental elements in the brand's Quality Charter. From design to delivery, Orchestra products meet the needs of all those mischievous imps in terms of comfort and practicality, and are made by rigorously selected manufacturers.

All these ingredients enable the brand to offer the best ratio between quality, style and price.



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